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hey ☺

i'm kate.

or sunshine, as i try to be :)

a lover of quiet, beautiful places, music, and creating things that make me smile. i'm a social butterfly and consider relationships to be the best thing about life, as well as my faith and my love for love, which are my drive in life. writing is a way to express my overthinking mind, & i hope i create a space for you to feel loved, validated, and inspired. xo, k

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books :)

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if you're a bookworm like me, or just wanting some recs... here are my top reads from this year so far! 

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welcome to sunshine & kate, where i dream of sharing my writing... the stuff i write randomly, and usually only send to my closest friends. i've been pondering a lot the last few months, esp about social media, and i've felt like i need to share my thoughts--not for recognition, attention, or praise, but for that one soul out there who needs to hear it. 

i hope there's something here for you ♡ 

xo, kate

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